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AfricandiScore is a cloud-based B-BBEE software solution combined with support from our own B-BBEE experts. AfricandiScore is available via a number of monthly subscription plans which will cater for the needs of companies of all sizes and complexity, across all sectors.

AfricandiScore remains committed to offering companies access to an affordable B-BBEE Compliance Management Software Solution. Try out this innovative class leading Software Solution on a no obligation, 2 weeks free trial period. After the trial period you have the choice of which software package will ideally suit the requirements of your organisation.

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Industry Specific Scopes

In order to obtain an accurate B-BBEE score an organisation must use the correct scorecard for their specific industry. The new B-BBEE Act is very clear on the fact that if you fall within a sector which has published a Sector Code, you must use this Sector Code otherwise your B-BBEE certificate will be deemed invalid.

If you are unsure what Sector Code you should be using please use our free Industry Scope Calculator to find out