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B-BEEE Sector Code Calculator

Please answer the following questions based on the type of business that brings in the majority of your company's revenue.

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Do you know which industry sector the organisation belongs to?

Please select the type of business from which the organisation derives the majority of its turnover?

Please select the type of business from which the organisation derives the majority of its turnover?

Please select the type of business from which the organisation derives the majority of its turnover?

The following is a detailed explanation of the sector your business falls into, should your business not fall into any of these, you may select another sector that your business is most likely part of.

Shall include any Enterprise which derives the majority of its turnover from;

  • The primary production of agricultural products;
  • The provision of inputs and services to Enterprises engaged in the production of agricultural products;
  • The benefication of agricultural products whether of a primary or semi-beneficiated form
  • The storage, distribution, and/or trading and allied activities related to non-beneficiated agricultural products

Professional Councils included in the Council for the Built Environment Act (2000) for:

  • To Architecture
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Engineering
  • Quantity surveyors
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Property Valuers
  • Quantity Surveyors

Councils under the Acts for:

  • Land Surveyors
  • Town and Regional Planners

Any specialized industry or trade within the building and construction sector. This would include:

  • construction in general
  • plumbing, bath rooms and air conditioning
  • electrical works, provision of power and wiring
  • painting, coating and treatment of surfaces
  • roofing and waterproofing
  • road works and paving
  • manufacturing of building materials
  • Bricklayers
  • Clay, Cement and Stone Workers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Carpenters


  • Long-term insurance
  • Short-term insurance
  • Re-insurance
  • The management of retirement, pension and collective investment scheme assets
  • Management of formal collective investment schemes
  • Financial services intermediation and brokerage
  • Management of investments on behalf of the public, including, but not limited to, private equity, members of any exchange licensed to trade equities or financial instruments in South Africa and entities listed as part of the financial index of a licensed exchange; and
  • Underwriting Managements Agents

Enterprises involved with commercial forestry and first level processing of wood products

  • Growers
  • Contracting
  • Fibre
  • Sawmilling
  • Pole
  • Charcoal

Carrying on of any one or more fo the following activities:

  • marketing
  • manufacturing
  • assembling
  • servicing
  • installing
  • maintaining and/or
  • repairing


  • systems
  • equipment
  • software
  • machines
  • devices
  • apparatus

whether utilising:

  • manual
  • photographic
  • optical
  • mechanical
  • electrical
  • electrostatic

or electronic principles or any combination of such principles that are primarily intended for the:

  • recording and/or
  • processing and/or
  • optical and/or
  • monitoring and/or
  • transmission


  • voice and/or
  • data and/or
  • image and/or
  • text and/or
  • transmission

or any combination thereof for use in any one or more of the following activities:

accounting, calculating, data processing, data transmission, duplication, text processing, document reproduction, document transmission, record keeping and record retrieval, broadcasting or transmission for entertainment or information purposes of voice and/or image and/or text or any combination thereof and/or; the provision of services relating to the above

Residential Property Industry including:

  • Houses
  • Community Schemes
  • Land for Development

Commercial Property Industry including:

  • Office Property
  • Industrial Property
  • Leisure Property
  • Retail Property
  • Land for Development

All enterprises engaged in property ownership or the provision of property services including property development.

This charter will be applicable to a subsidiary of a holding company or a division or business unit if the primary business of the subsidiary or division is dealing property or providing property services, even if the holding company may be bound by another charter or code.

  • Companies Limited by Guarantee
  • Public Entities and other Enterprises exclusively owned by organs of State
  • Non-Profit Organisations
  • Section 21 Companies
  • Public Benefit Schemes or Public Benefit Organisations
  • Higher Education Institutions


  • Hotels, Resorts, properties and time share, Bed & Breakfasts, Guesthouses, Game lodges, backpackers and hostels

Hospitality and Related Services

  • Restaurants, conference venues, professional catering, attractions, casinos, consulting and professional services companies.

Travel and Related Services

  • Tour wholesalers, tour operators, travel agents, tourist guides, car rental companies and coach operators

In addition the code is binding to all organs of state and public entities, organised labour and communities involved with or interested in the Tourism Sector

Application extends to the aviation industry inter alia:

  • Scheduled and non-scheduled airline operations, including passenger, freight and general aviation
  • Aircraft maintenance including engine and component overhauls and spare parts
  • Airline Service Providers, Ramp Handlers, Airside operators, Airport facilities and services such as ACSA, Handling Agents and navigation and technical service providers

Application to all road passenger transport services rendered by means of buses (as defined in the National Land Transport Transition Act) It extends to all sub-sectors that include inter alia:

  • Commuter bus services
  • Long distance bus services
  • Tour and bus services
  • Cross border bus services
  • Intercity bus services
  • School/learner bus services
  • Commercial contract bus services
  • Special hire or private hire bus services
  • Subsidized and non-subsidized bus services
  • Scheduled and unscheduled bus services
  • The Forwarding & Clearing Industry relates to all economic activities that relate to imports & exports in respect of goods entering or leaving SA as well as those transiting this country. This involves various activities including freight management and supply chain logistics.
  • The F & C Industry is not only for all modes of transport involved in the carriage of cargo, but also service providers such as warehouses, transit sheds & associated management of data.

Associated with shipping lines involved in the carriage of cargo and associated with service providers which includes the following:

  • transport of cargo and services ancillary to such transport
  • manufacture, provision, maintenance and repair of marine equipment, including marine craft
  • the commercial ports system and authorities responsible for the provision and operation of navigational aids, including lighthouses
  • institutions concerned with rescue, salvage and anti-pollution operations
  • government departments and agencies concerned with international maritime relations, administration of maritime safety, the protection and conservation of the marine environment and law enforcement within South Africa's offshore jurisdiction
  • institutions concerned with marine and maritime education, training and resources

Application extends to:

  • The Department of Transport
  • Transport Agencies
  • State-Owned Enterprises
  • Provincial Departments of Transport
  • Local authorities including metropolitan councils
  • Labour
  • Transport Education and Training Authority

Application extends to the entire rail industry value chain. The key players are the state-owned operators and infrastructure companies.

Application limited to Road Freight Transport for Logistics and Allied Services for Reward Industry and includes:

  • Supply Chain Management Companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Trucking Companies
  • Transport Management Companies
  • Transport Brokers
  • Associated Labour Brokers
  • BEE Operators
  • Management Companies for Owner Drivers
  • South African registered Cross Border Operators
  • Parcel Delivery Services
  • Motor Ferry Companies
  • Cash in transit Companies

Application extends to the taxi industry inter alia:

  • Commuter service providers (minibus, minibus taxi-type service and metered
  • Taxi service
  • Vehicle warehousing, distribution, sales and maintenance
  • Manufacturers
  • Electronic management systems players
  • Scrapping Administration Agents
  • Taxi Retail installations

Please read the following to confirm you are in the ICT Sector

Marketing Manufacturing Assembling Servicing Installing Maintaining Repairing


Systems Software Equipment Machines Devices Apparatus

whether utilising

manual photographic optical mechanical electrical electrostatic electronic

principles or any combination of such principles, that are primarily intended for the

Recording Processing Monitoring Transmission


Voice Data Image Text

or for use in any one or more of the following activities:

  • Accounting
  • Calculating
  • Data processing
  • Data transmission
  • Duplicating
  • Text processing
  • Document reproduction
  • Document transmission
  • Record keeping and record retrieval
  • Broadcasting or and transmission for entertainment or information purposes of;
    • Voice
    • Data
    • Image
    • Text

Advertising in general with particular reference to the following forms:

  • Through the line: Traditional form of advertising using all paid for media from electronic to print embracing interactive and non-interactive response mechanisms.
  • Above the line: Traditional form of advertising using all paid for media from electronic to print excluding interactive response mechanisms.
  • Below the line: Traditional form of advertising using all paid for media from electronic to print as interactive response mechanisms.
  • Experiential: Traditional form of advertising using unconventional media like events and functions to physically bring the experience of the product to the consumers.
  • Digital: An umbrella term for marketing and advertising activities using technology as the format and the internet for distribution. This would include the desktop and mobile web, display & search advertising, native advertising, social media, mobile applications, digital activations, internet-based outdoor and streaming media.
  • Design: Design as a classical communications discipline as well as an integral element of Integrated Marketing Communication in all paid for media.
  • Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): Is the application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing and communication channels and using different promotional methods to reinforce each other in order to (a) deliver the same message and (b) create maximum marketing effect through synergy.

Systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services in order to identify and assess how consumer behavior is impacted by changes to the marketing mix.

Traditional form of communication that employes all media from electronic to print by issuing media releases, communiques, statements and advertorials

Is the above explanation true to the core business of the organisation?